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Xinghua Zhennan Alloy Machinery Co.,Ltd .

       Xinghua Zhennan Alloy Machinery Co.,Ltd .is located in Taizhou ,Jiangsu province.We have been serving the stainless

steel casting industry for more than ten years.The annual output is 3000 tons,and the sales volume reaches RMB 90 millions.

This company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

       The company is specialized in the precision casting of in  nickel,chromium ,aluminum and steel material.which serves

many industries such as automotive,motorcycle,cement factory,electricity,steel factory and sewing machines,Based on the year

over year experience,the company has continuously improved and innovated,and has enjoyed agreat expansion in production

scale.Also,the company has already possessed a series of matured production process,from self-development in dies to

casting,hear treatment,machine tooling,and product surface treatment.

       The company has earned a consistent recognition from the customers since it sticks to its management philosophy that"

People-oriented,Good Faith and Win-win for both the company and customer".As the company declares"all for the customers

and quality".it provides high quality product and service to its customers.The company has a strong technical force, complete

production equipment,advanced inspection devices,as well as integrated quality management system and independent import

and export rights,and is willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad,to seek for development and better




development and competition, covering all aspects of product development,manufacturing, and enterprise management. Business model changes, characterized by higher

technology products, unexpected user experience, fast response to satisfactory service and simple and efficient management. We are willing to tolerate the failure of innovation

and the corresponding costs.

      We know that the realization of any great dream comes from down-to-earth hard work and hard work. If you work hard, you may have a harvest. From the family workshop to

the present step by step, "Struggle" is Zhennan's successful password, and become a gene that integrates into the blood of Zhennan people. This spirit of struggle must be

consistent and consistent. No matter who, when, or where, you must keep your mission in mind, don't forget your heart, and move forward.
      Zhennan is a platform. This platform is a platform for creating value for customers, a platform for providing benefits for the society, and a platform for individuals to realize the

ir values ​​and ideals for life. In the final analysis, it is a platform for achieving "win-win". Therefore, we are committed to creating a fair, just and open environment for all

participants in the enterprise value chain, and are committed to creating value for our customers while realizing their self-development. We emphasize the struggle-oriented, "

horse racing is not the same", and are committed to building a team with ideals, passion, full of vigor and vitality, and look forward to more quality talents with the same values ​​

as us to join Zhennan to create Albert. .

      This is Zhennan: taking value as the root, innovation as the soul, struggling as the foundation, and win-win as the spirit.

      Looking forward to further communication and communication with you!

       Hello! Welcome to Zhennan Alloy Machinery Co., Ltd. official website, I hope you

can get valuable information here. "Value, innovation, struggle, and win-win" are the

core values ​​of Zhennan. These eight words condense the efforts of the Zhennan people

in the past, the current struggle and the expectations of the future.
       As the leader of the foundry industry, we are committed to “creating casting quality

and sincerely returning to society”. Every Zhennan people reminds them at any time:

We are not just doing a specific “thing”, not just doing a job, not just running a business

or doing a business, but more importantly What we do will create value for society and

will change our lives.
       In order to fulfill this great mission, the company always believes that customers

create value-oriented. Regarding product quality as the lifeline of the company,

implement the strategy of “implementing high-quality manufacturing and providing

cost-effective products and services”; regard innovation as the soul of continuous

Enterprise mission: to create casting quality, sincere return to society
Enterprise Vision: Building a “all-in-one learning, green eco-type, sustainable

development” casting strong enterprise
Core values of the company: value, innovation, struggle, and win-win
Corporate strategy: highlight structural adjustment and focus on independent innovation
Entrepreneurial spirit: learning beyond

Corporate ethics: seek common development with customers and create brilliance

with employees
Corporate style: strict and fast, excellence
Corporate image: Convince peers to make the world eye-catching
Corporate Philosophy: Systematic Thinking
Corporate Tradition: Unity and Struggle Hard Entrepreneurship Reform and Innovation



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