Technological innovation


We declare: Create market demand value, focus on Casting

        The company specializes in the production of precision casting products of nickel, chrome, aluminum and steel materials for various fields

such as automobiles, motorcycles, cement plants, electric power, steel mills and sewing machines. Based on years of accumulated experience,

continuous improvement and innovation, the scale of production continues to expand, the company has a relatively mature production process:

mold independent research and development - casting - heat treatment - machining - product surface treatment.
        Companies in the "people-oriented, integrity and win-win" business philosophy, won the praise of customers. The company has consisten

tly adhered to the "quality first, customer first" business purpose. To provide our customers with quality products and good service. The

company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, advanced testing equipment, complete quality management system and

independent import and export rights. We are willing to cooperate with customers at home and abroad to develop and create a good cause.


01 Quality Management System

The company integrates various quality

improvement tools such as rationalization

proposal, QCC and Six Sigma in the

quality improvement system architecture.

Small improvements in daily work,

spontaneous improvement of small team

s, and complex problem solving across

departments have been well supported.

Based on the difficulty of improving the

activities, the company rewards 30%,

40%, and 50% of the economic benefits

generated by the improvement team in

the quality improvement project, which

greatly enhances the enthusiasm and

enthusiasm of employee participation. 

04 Laboratory Construction

02 Process monitoring


The main current coverage of the center includes calibration and verification of measuring tools and some instruments, metal component analysis, metallographic detection, hazardous substance testing, parts mapping measurement, electrical property testing, physical properties testing of various materials, durability testing and resistance. Environmental testing.

We regard quality as the foundation of development, the source of competition, long-term adherence to the construction of quality management system, research and development projects that are committed to meeting market demand, and actively absorb advanced management methods. The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and implemented better performance management in accordance with GB/T 19580, and established a sound quality assurance system to ensure continuous improvement of quality management and user satisfaction.

In order to implement the product realization

process monitoring and measurement of

product, give full play to the inspection of the

identification, control, prevention and

reporting to ensure that nonconforming

product is not pass to next process or user,

strictly implement the "management

procedure of product inspection", from the

incoming goods inspection (IQC), process

(PQC) inspection, (OQC) finished product

warehousing aspects of the comprehensive

control of product quality

03 Quality improvement



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